How Can I Join the POPS Board of Directors?


If you think you have an area of expertise coupled with a desire to commit to the POPS the Club mission, please reach out to us at

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How Can I Support POPS Clubs?


In addition to foundation grants, individual donations are a critical source of POPS the Club’s funding. Please consider making a donation to our organization. Visit our Ways To Give page and Just Giving page. Alternatively: If you work for an organization that engages in corporate philanthropy, wish to help provide lunch to one or more

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What is POPS the Club’s Theory of Change?


POPS the Club creates opportunities for youth impacted by trauma to learn new skills and talents and express thoughts and ideas in creative and therapeutic ways. POPS arts and mindfulness activities help teens cope with painful experiences by fostering resiliency and providing outlets for self-expression. POPS the Club activities strengthen problem-solving skills, autonomy, a sense

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What is the Core Message of POPS the Club?


The unique pain that arises by association with the prison system can be isolating and traumatic, but POPS recognizes that that pain is not defining. POPS youth engage with their intrinsic self-worth, become active inside a community of support, and tap into their potential for limitless transformation. Many POPS graduates have become strong community leaders

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Who Leads Club Meetings?


POPS clubs are student-led. Sponsors and volunteers maintain the safe space, organize events, work with staff to invite guest speakers, and deliver the curriculum. POPS encourages each club to elect student officers at the start of the school year (President & Vice President), so these students can actively work with the volunteer team to set

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What Happens in POPS Club Meetings?


POPS clubs focus on creating a safe space. Meetings often include an activity (e.g., writing, making art, mindfulness exercises, a film, a reading, a guest speaker, a discussion of a current event or an individual’s pressing need). POPS operates under the premise that it is okay for STUDENTS TO KEEP THEIR STORIES TO THEMSELVES. POPS

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Where, When and How Often Do Clubs Meet?


POPS clubs meet once a week, usually during lunch, most often inside an assigned classroom (usually the club sponsor’s room). Club sponsors select the day of the meeting.

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What Does a POPS Club Volunteer Do?


Become a community volunteer inside a POPS club throughout the school year (35 to 40 weeks) or a speaker who visits clubs periodically. Community volunteers participate in a 90-minute training, undergo a background check, and take a Tuberculosis test to work with youth. In some instances, school administration officials must approve volunteers after taking school-based

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How Do I Bring POPS to My School?


If you are interested in bringing POPS to your school: In Los Angeles: A club requires administration approval and a minimum of one club sponsor (teacher, counselor, or combination of teachers). Please get in touch with us at to discuss next steps. Outside LA: Contact us at with the following information: What does

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