Each year POPS publishes a book collection of the poetry, stories and artwork created by members of POPS the Club. These books are healing for families, relished by students from elementary school through college, described by wardens as rehabilitation tools, and praised by librarians and educators. As POPS expands, so will the number of publications.

Dreamcatchers is an inspiring collection of poetry, prose and art by young people from across the country. Don’t miss upcoming events.


“The POPS the Club’s writers and artists… have much to teach anyone who is interested in social
justice. Their stories, poetry, and artwork overflow with the experiences, wisdom, and insights of
those whose lives have been touched by incarceration. They are not to be missed!”

“With these anthologies, POPS the Club has provided a critical space for young people affected
directly by mass incarceration to voice their hurts, their emptiness, their awareness, and their
poetic expressions. I’m awed by the unity of thought, feelings, and words that this writing forges
against the odds.”

Luis J. Rodriguez, Cofounder of Tía Chucha Press

“The POPS anthologies are a unique experience—a collection of poems, essays, and artwork that
intimately connect us to a population of teenagers who are navigating life in a very particular
way. These teens share their work with brave authenticity and a maturity well beyond their years.
The work is powerful, heartbreaking, inspiring, and sobering. A must-read for anyone who truly
cares to know the full impact of our prison system.”

Jessica Tuck, Founder and executive producer of Spark Off Rose

“The POPS the Club anthologies are monumental works of vital, inspiring stories we all need to

Kristin Loberg, Collaborator on Grain Brain, Hype, and The Switch

“A must-read for directly impacted individuals and their allies, the POPS anthologies excel
where others have fallen short. By bringing the voices of the youth to the forefront, POPS the
Club gives readers unprecedented access to the experience of familial incarceration by the
experts themselves—directly impacted individuals.”

Whitney Hollins, Author of Anna’s Test



As long as any child goes to sleep knowing their parent is locked away, we will not rest.
It doesn’t take much to change a life. Join us today and start making a difference.