Leticia Longoria-Novarro


Leticia Longoria-Navarro is the Executive Director of The Pathfinder Network and is a dedicated and innovative leader who has spent her career working in and around the criminal legal system to support individuals, families and communities directly impacted. She is the Executive Director of The Pathfinder Network where she builds connections and works alongside the team to provide leadership, vision, community, and support to the organization to ensure their greatest impact. Leticia has a breadth of experience and expertise with systems, having worked in education and social services, institutions, community corrections and the nonprofit sector as a practitioner, coach, leader, and advocate. She is the first executive leader of color in TPN’s history and the first with lived experience of parental and family criminal legal system-involvement. Leticia is known for her enthusiastic and engaging leadership style and vision for lifelong learning and guiding individuals, organizations, and systems through change.


Victor Trillo


Victor Trillo is the PATHfinder/ POPS Clubs Program Coordinator at The Pathfinder Network. He is a community leader, committed to supporting and uplifting youth and families impacted by incarceration. As a person with lived experience as a child of an incarcerated parent and as an incarcerated parent, he is driven to build a community of support and opportunity for those he works with and his community. Victor is a passionate, inspirational, and dedicated advocate, who is an expert in mobilizing community.




Amy Friedman is the Publishing Consultant and Executive Editor for the POPS/PATHfinder Club Anthologies. She is an author, ghostwriter, editor, writing teacher and co-founder of POPS the Club, curates and edits the PATHfinder Network and POPS Club anthologies. She is also executive producer of Impacts of Incarceration, a free online video library designed to educate, empower and create meaningful change by sharing the voices and wisdom of those impacted by incarceration.