Teachers, school counselors, administrators, district members, government officials, POPS graduates, community members, experts in numerous fields, the formerly incarcerated, and their family members, restauranteurs, and board members have all acted as volunteers for POPS the Club. We provide training to our volunteers and rely on their generosity, expertise, and wisdom to create the sacred space that is the essence of every POPS club.

Volunteers typically work inside a POPS club throughout the regular school year. Those unable to volunteer weekly can also serve as Guest Speakers, support POPS events, or offer skills or expertise to benefit the organization and students.

Our volunteers pick up and serve food, provide lessons from the POPS curriculum, are participating members of the club, and know how to be good listeners and help to ensure the club remains a productive, welcoming, safe environment for new and returning students.

Lead volunteers at each club respond to a brief survey every other week and help distribute and collect student surveys, student artwork, writing, and parent- or guardian-signed permission forms required for each student wishing to publish in the annual POPS anthology for the use of any photographs of students.

The Fine Print:

Community volunteers participate in a 90-minute training, undergo a background check, and take a Tuberculosis test to work with youth. In some instances, school administration officials must approve volunteers after taking school-based online training.


We follow COVID policies and protocols implemented by the schools we serve. Please defer to school administration for COVID expectations.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please complete the form below, or reach out to us at POPS@thepathfindernetwork.org.

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