Every winter break I visit my family in my hometown Dallas, Texas. My grandma kept telling me about how she was going to visit my mom, and she really wanted me to go. I kept pushing it off, telling her I would think about it, but I knew it wasn’t like she could force me to go.
A couple days before, I let her know my answer. I’m mad at my mom right now because the last time I saw her she was in a prison group home, with just a couple weeks left. When I visited her she told me all about how this time she had really changed, how she was going to come live in California so we could be together, and how she was going to stay away from the streets, drugs, and alcohol. She almost seemed believable this time. I mean she was so close to her release date, and she was doing so well. Then, just a week later, I found out she escaped.
I was so hurt; she lied straight to my face. She was so close and she threw it all away, for what? In less then a month she was put back in jail, with a two-year sentence. It just makes no sense how she could be so dumb.
So my answer to my grandma was no. No I’m not going to visit a liar. No, I didn’t want to sit there and hear her pathetic apology, I don’t care.
My family couldn’t be that mad at me because they understood. The one who got me most was my dad, because he’s even more tired than I am of her excuses and lies. The only person really mad at me was my sister; she couldn’t believe me. “She’s still your mom,” she kept saying to me.
I know that, but I’m just tired of always taking her back. She might be my mom, but like my dad always says, some people you have to love from afar. This time I didn’t feel like hiding my true feelings towards her just so she could feel better, so I’d rather not see her at all.