I feel the ocean breeze
Kicking back and smoking bomb tree
Thinking of this world as a killing disease
Like the air for the Japanese
I know I got no school degree
Not middle or even elementary
But f__ it, I’m doing just fine eating seeds
My mom saying don’t leave mi hijo, please
With all due respect, f___ that, I don’t owe any fees
I never had to beg on my knees
I only have to worry about my car keys
Money ain’t nothing but cheese
It comes and goes, it’s not hard to seize
Gang banging and slanging been my only expertise
Drinking 40s on each side of the 7 seas
This life I lead
No 1 has ever agreed
Because heaven is not destined to be
But better believe, even a master’s degree
In this world don’t mean a job is guaranteed
So I say f__ that and enjoy a malt liquor squeeze
While kicking it at the beach seeing pretty foreign girls acting a tease
And my homie on the side doing nothing but burpees
Cause we have to be in shape to protect the E
The beach is the only time we leave our poverty
When we have extra change we take our chances on lottery
8lest ain’t Divix, but he’s still a brother to me
He’s the same real gangster quality
Always has the nose candy that got us in high velocity
And I say this with all my generosity
And the little bit in me left that has honestly
When we buy a pipe we ask what’s the return policy
Cause in the ghetto by the sea
Where you inhale gunpowder debris
And see flowers and picture of fallen gs
I know it’s hard to believe
So I take drugs as an escape and relieve
Cause I come from a broken home
Even tho I still hold my own
Taking shots of patron
Next day get headaches to the dome
Get up take a shower slick my hair back with my comb
Get dressed and put on my cologne
Walk out and see my homie polishing his chrome
Headed to the number 1 Culver City bus always alone
Walking with my broken knuckle bones
I think to myself how my mind has grown
That this life has been the best loan
Telling myself it’s just matter of time to get back on the throne
Get on the bus and start wondering
Each line I write got me clustering
I get off at Venice Circle
Hearing foreigners bumping hood music, I guess we’re universal
Heading to the beach smoking my herbal
When it hits me I feel like a turtle
Writing in my journal
On the boardwalk and see other writers who went commercial
There fake I can see thru them like a thermal
They think they’re big but they ain’t sh__ like squirtle
But I came for the breeze
Looking at the sunset leave
Letting my mind finally ease
Asking the Lord will I succeed
I always followed, for once will I lead
Will others agree
Can my family not worry
One day will I need an attorney
Will my greed and me finally meet
I don’t know but for now I’m enjoying the ocean breeze.