Below are some resources for those in Pennsylvania. Please keep in mind that these resources may change over time, so it is important to try and stay as updated as possible. Remember to stay safe, wear a mask and support local businesses.

If you have any questions or other helpful links and information that could be useful to anyone during this time, please feel free to contact

Crisis Hotlines

Resources Near Steelton Highspire

Steelton Highspire students and families can visit the Steelton Highspire School District Resources page for the latest information on COVID-19 school closures, food pick-up, etc.

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Teen Mental Health Resources

  • Tips to Help Teens Cope During COVID-19 – A helpful guide on promoting and maintaining positive mental health. This guide provides actionable tips to improve mental health and wellness, especially during the COVID pandemic.
  • gov: Nicotine & Addiction – Information on nicotine and tobacco use prevention
  • Breaking the Silence – A part of the Project Safe organization, (706) 765-8019 is a text line that is aimed at helping teens recognize and safely exit unhealthy relationships.
  • SIOS – Self-Injury outreach and support. A non-profit outreach initiative focused on supporting those who self-injure.