COVID-19 Student and Community Resource Links

A Message from the POPS Family

COVID-19 has impacted people and families worldwide in ways that no one could have pictured. We decided it would be beneficial to our community during this trying time to provide a page with resources that could potentially help anyone who needs some guidance, help, or just a good laugh. We have been gathering as much helpful information as possible, and we will continue to do so as more information becomes available. Below are useful links to learn how to obtain and access essentials like the internet, food, and money for the areas serviced by POPS.

If you have any questions or other links and information that could be helpful to anyone during this time, please feel free to contact

Stay safe and  healthy.

With love,

The POPS Family

Los Angeles

For Los Angeles based POPS family, click below:

New York City

For New York City based POPS family, click below:


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