I’ve been experimenting. I’ve been around. I’ve been lost and I’ve been found. I’ve been through hell and back. I’ve been broke and I’ve been with stacks. I’ve been through drama, I’ve been in hospitals,

Missed a Visit

Every winter break I visit my family in my hometown Dallas, Texas. My grandma kept telling me about how she was going to visit my mom, and she really wanted me to go. I kept

Life Changed

Regardless of the circumstances, what happened last year changed my life for the better. Walking towards the car where my mother was waiting after school on April 25, 2015, the sun felt warm on my

Ocean Breeze

I feel the ocean breeze Kicking back and smoking bomb tree Thinking of this world as a killing disease Like the air for the Japanese I know I got no school degree Not middle or


As long as any child goes to sleep knowing their parent is locked away, we will not rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Join us today and start making a difference.

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