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I’ve been experimenting. I’ve been around. I’ve been lost and I’ve been found. I’ve been through hell and back. I’ve been broke and I’ve been with stacks. I’ve been through drama, I’ve been in hospitals, injuries to me and my mama. I’ve been defeated by my own conscience. I’ve been victorious on other occasions. I’ve


Missed a Visit


Every winter break I visit my family in my hometown Dallas, Texas. My grandma kept telling me about how she was going to visit my mom, and she really wanted me to go. I kept pushing it off, telling her I would think about it, but I knew it wasn’t like she could force me

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From Us to Them


How could she? I was only gone for a second. Or was it a year? A year that felt like a century. I had been replaced faster than I could blink. I see them together and I feel a sharp pain in my back; red, hot, blood pouring—and I catch a glimpse of a giant

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Life Changed


Regardless of the circumstances, what happened last year changed my life for the better. Walking towards the car where my mother was waiting after school on April 25, 2015, the sun felt warm on my shoulders. The sun was shining brightly at 3 o’clock. We drove off, heading to my grandma’s house as we usually

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